The Aarie Alliance is an ancient alliance of Moranians, Sarnisians, and Helmecutes. In recent years, the Aarie have risen to power again. Although eventually defeated by the Zintoniean Empire the Aarie alliance is still thriving, unofficially.


It is unknown when the Aarie first gained power. According to mythology the three races of the Aarie developed on the same planet, which was also called Aarie. They soon expanded and conquered much of the galaxy. Internal strife and generally instability led to the downfall of the Aarie. The three species separated and somehow dissolved. When the Aarie joined back together they seemed like an unstoppable force. However, once again, internal conflict and a war against the Zintoniean led to their untimely defeat.


The Aarie government is comprised of three representatives, one from each of the species. These counsel members are generally the leaders of each of the species. This counsel makes all decisions for the Aarie and the entire alliance must comply. The counsel also interprets doctrine and there is speculation they control the direct economic structure of the Aarie.


The Aarie are supremacists. They believe they are the ultimate beings in the galaxy and the chosen children of the Prophets. Their religion is the capstone of their existence and often justifies their actions. When there are conflicts, which often happens, the Aarie are known to wage civil war and commit genocide against their enemies. Aarie also keep separated and rarely if ever intermingle between the species.

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