Arrow was one of three triplets born to a military family. She was naturally gifted in athletics and academics and often preceded her class in both. Arrow was accepted to the Zintoniean Military Academy at West Point, along with her brother. While attending the Academy, she discovered a unique gift for piano. As she studied, Arrow would often unwind with hours of piano practice, sometimes sacrificing sleep or study time. Arrow was also a gifted archer, having picked up a bow for the first time at the age of three. She competed in the Olympics as well as many interplanetary archery competitions. After graduating from West Point Arrow, she served in the Zintoniean Army for a short period of two years before being invited to the Queensmen Corps. Arrow worked as a Queensmen, protecting dignitaries and working closely with the Secret Police. She was promoted to Queensmen 1st class where she met her fiancé. The two planned to marry and leave the Queensmen, but he was killed, along with Arrow’s brother, on a mission. The tragedy was too much for her to bear and she quickly became mentally unstable. Arrow blamed the Eloth’Naka for her losses and vowed vengeance. After the leader of the Eloth’Naka martyred himself, Arrow turned her insanity toward a fellow Queensmen and murdered her. Afterward she attempted suicide but was captured by Moranian agents. Arrow was turned into a Derom’Soray and used as a weapon against the Zintoniean Empire. She was finally killed in action by her sister.

Neealoudt, Arrow’s name as she was a Derom’Soray, was played by Sarah Skinner in “Imperial Odyssey – Shadow’s Genesis”