Crune Empire
Crune l
The Crest of the Crune (design by Joe Phillipps)
Form Parliamentary democracy
Founded 1784 A.D.
Members Alpha Crune

Beta Crune
Centauri Crune

The Crune Empire is one of the largest political entities in the galaxy. It is comprised of three member species; Alpha, Beta and Centauri Crune.


The Crune Empire was founded in 1175 A.D. when A Crune and B Crune made contact and forged the Crune Federation. The Federation continued until civil war destabilized the government. The Crune Federation gave way to the Crune aristocracy who gained power in 1331 A.D.. The aristocracy advocated the expansion of the Crune Empire. The C Crune joined the Empire in 1761 A.D. and expansion continued. Soon afterward another internal strife destabilized the Crune aristocracy. A revolution restructures the Crune Empire in 1784. The Crune continued to spread out. After making contact with the Zintoniean Empire they fought a war, then forged an alliance. The Crune have fought wars against the United Factions of the Trisalien Federation as well as the Aarie Alliance. They stand as one of the most powerful political forces in the universe.


The Crune government is lead by a 2,000-seat parliament, section leaders, a prime minister, and a judicial branch. It is a democracy with each planet represented equally by the senate. Before a law is passed it must go through the senate not once, but twice, then be signed by the judicial branch and approved by the prime minister.


The culture of the Crune is wide and diverse. Their official language is Korbian, but thousands of languages define the Crune. Religion isn’t something very popular amongst the Crune. Only 30% of Crune people believe in a higher power or general spirituality. They are a technologically driven species with vast leaps in their contributions in science. Crune have been long time allies with the Zintoniean Empire and often find themselves at arms against the Trisalien Federation.

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