The Derom’Soray are a secretive organization of sleeper-cell soldiers, created by the Moranian Hierarch. They are typically genetically altered and as a result, mentally unstable.


Derom’Soray were first used in combat during civil wars in the Aarie Alliance. They were first a military unit, made of non-moranian soldiers, similar to the French Foreign Legion. The Derom’Soray became a specialized fighting force designed to hunt down key military members and tier-one personnel. Finally, they became a small force of genetically altered soldiers designed to serve the Moranian Hierarch. There has been much controversy on the use of Derom’Soray, and as such, they are generally used in nefarious ways without regulation or control.


The Derom’Soray have no government or structure. They answer only to who they are programmed to respond to. Derom’Soray are the physical manifestation of anarchy and are often killed when their mission is completed.


Like all Moranian warriors, Derom’Soray conceal their faces when they go into battle. They frequently wear cloaks with dark hoods that shield their faces. Derom’Soray sometimes wear colors to distinguish themselves, but more commonly wear all black. They have been known to implement an array of weapons in combat and have no regard for life, often killing civilians. Because the Derom’Soray are physically and mentally altered they are highly unstable and unpredictable. This makes them deadly assets but comes at a great risk. Once operated on and converted into a Derom’Soray, it is impossible for the person to regain who they once were. They are in effect lobotomized and replaced as a walking tactical weapon.

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