Xient, a Helmecute

Helmecutes are a species of semi-sentient creatures that inhabit a world simply designated as the Helmecute Planet. Their world is controlled by the Zintoniean Empire and carefully monitored by Zintoniean scientists. In the past Helmecutes were one of the member species of the Aarie Alliance


There is very little recorded history of Helmecutes. Ruins and Sarnisian mythology suggest they were involved in a massive, early empire known as the Aaire. However, there is no evidence to suggest Helmecutes have ever had the mental capability of constructing a functioning society; let alone star ships. When Zintonieans discovered their world it was immediately restricted in order to preserve the unique natural environment. After establishing a small base Zintoniean scientists began to study Helmecutes, which were quickly identified as semi-sentient. Soon thereafter scientists identified Zero, the first confirmed sentient Helmecute. Since then more protective measures have been put in place for Helmecutes, and a system has been developed to identify full sentience.


Helmecutes don’t have a unified culture to speak of. As the great majority of them are pack hunters there is a hierarchy of Alpha Males and dominate pairs, as is found in most mammal groups. Some sentient Helmecutes have campaigned for independence, but their efforts have mostly been in vain. Most sentient Helmecutes leave the Helmecute Planet and pursue their lives in other parts of the galaxy. Since gaining recognition for their, Helmecutes have developed a full language based on normal Helmecute communication called Click-tongue.

Common Helmecute Names

Naming ConventionsEdit

Because the first sentient Helmecute ever identified was called "Zero", most sentient Helmecute have been honored in his name. Very few Helmecutes are named something other than a variation of "Zero". Because of this, and because there are no family names, there is little variety in Helmecute names. 


Helmecute physiology is some of the most complex in the galaxy. Part avian, part humanoid, Helmecutes have an odd mix of abilities and physical characteristics. Helmecutes have an average lifespan of 900-1000 years. They have purple blood, large pointed ears, brown leathery skin, slate black eyes that see inferred and color, tall wings extruding from their backs (vestigial, primarily used for balance and defense), hooks on their knees and elbows, claws on their fingers and toes, a venomous tongue, serrated teeth, and they generally stand six and a half feet to seven and a half feet tall. Helmecutes have gargantuan muscles that form a kind of natural body armor. They can survive with extreme trauma to many of their internal organs, and in some cases, with as much as 75% blood loss. For reasons unknown all sentient Helmecutes are male. It has been argued Helmecutes are genetic triplets with Moranians and Sarnisians, but further investigation is needed.

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