Human (Terran)
Sentience Yes
Homeworld Earth (Terra)
Language(s) Mandarin, English, Spanish, Latin, Tawk
Average Height 5'8"
Skin color Pale to dark brown
Average Lifespan 85-110 years
Humans, also known as Terrans, are native to the planet Earth. They are the fourth member species of the Zintoniean Empire. They are often characterized as resourceful and highly adaptable.

History Edit

As with most species, Humans developed in hundreds of independent countries and states, each with unique cultures, languages, and government. Human history was often marred by war, following great progressive eras. After their third world war Humans expanded into space, settling on Mars, a neighboring planet. Not long after Humans discovered Zintonieans, they accidentally spotted a damaged Zintoniean ship. After establishing diplomatic relations with the Zintoniean Empire, Humans were offered the opportunity to join. This created a deep rift in the governments of Earth, sparking a fourth world war. The annex powers of Earth were victorious, and Humans became the fourth member species of the Zintoniean Empire.

Culture Edit

It is impossible to categorize Humans into a single distinctive culture. Though most cultures share certain aspects, such as monogamous marriages and passing down a family name, Humans evolved many different languages and religious which had large impacts on their development. Most cultures in certain regions were similar, but even so there are many exceptions. Humans as a whole are a diverse species with unique individual talents and capabilities. As a criticism, some have noted that Humans are easily susceptible to a crowd mentality and allow their decisions and logic to be overrules by the majority. Humans are responsible for Christianity and Buddhism, two major religions in the Zintoniean Empire.

Physiology Edit

Humans have an average lifespan of 85-110 years. They have varied shades of skin, hair, and eye color, depending on region. Humans have red blood, are omnivores, and usually give birth to single children. On average they stand between five or six feet tall, depending on gender.

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