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A Moranian Warrior with war paint

Moranians are a humanoid species native to the planet Eyton. One of the member species of the Aarie Alliance Moranians are an ancient species that has survived near extintion sevral times. 


Moranians once ruled over a vast empire that stretched to every corner of the galaxy. Due to war, famine, and disease they were slowly pushed back to their homeworld over a period of thousands of years. Moranians remained on Eyton for some time, turning their technological development inward. Although their population was small, they became a highly advanced race, focusing their efforts on scientific development and religious exploration. Moranians finally left Eyton in a renewed attempt to recreate the Aarie Alliance. They made contact with the Sarnisians, though old grudges lead to a split, with Moranians launching an envasion of Sarnisia. Soon thereafter they fought a massive war with the Zintoniean and Crune Empires, and were again pushed back to their homeworld. 


Moranians are a highly technologically advanced species. Although few in number they have some of the most advanced tech in the galaxy, especially in terms of biological engineering. Moranians place emphasis on the greater whole. Individualism does not apply in their culture, and there is a burning need to re-conquer the galaxy and control the Aarie Alliance. Aarie propaganda is frequent in Moranian society. Moranians, like Sarnisians, believe in twenty Prophets, and justify many of their actions as the will of their gods. This strange combination of religious extremism, imperialism, and technological superiority makes the Moranians particularly hard to anticipate. In battle it is customary for Moranian soldiers to conceal their face, usually with war pain of masks. Before battle Moranian warriors will participate in ritual dancing and chanting, similar to the Haka .

Moranians belong to a hierarchy, are their culture is very structured. Moranians do not have currency, and often take extended leave from work and life in order to go on religious pilgrimages. Moranians have no concept of marriage, and little to no ties with family. Although they care more for their species at large, many Moranians are solitary by nature and live in small communities rather than large cities (though large cities do exsist) This however does not reflect a need for individualism, as most Moranians find vaule when contributing to the community at large

Physical fitness and mental superiority are highly valued. Outside of religious depictions and songs, Moranian art is severely underdeveloped.


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A Moranian Warrior with war paint

Moranians are a humanoid species with pointed ears, light orange skin, a raised forhead, and solid black eyes. Although of comparable height and weight to Humans, Moranians exhibit extraordinary physical strenght, and are renoun for their highly developed intelects. They have purple blood and are the genetic twins of the Sarnisians, and rumored to be genetic triplets with Helmecutes . They have an average lifespan of 900-1,000 years, and give birth to single children with a gestation period of fifteen months.

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