Moranian Hierarch
Form Republic
Founded 20,000 B.C.
Members Unknown
The Moranian Hierarch is the governing body of the Moranian people. It is also often the most influential component of the Aarie Alliance.


The Moranian Hierarch was first created when Moranians separated from the Aarie Alliance thousands of years ago. The government suffered a collapse around 20,000 B.C. Moranians were dropped back into a pre industrial race. Despite this they somehow managed to keep a stable government and continued progression. The Moranian Hierarch reached a zenith of progress long before the formation of the Zintoniean Empire.


Each major city has an elected official who is in direct control of the city. They appoint officials to carry out their orders, which span into smaller cities. The city magistrates elect one of their own as a Hierarch whom has total control over the Moranian government. Although this sometimes leads to corruption Moranians will often execute leaders they feel are incompetent or overpowering.

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