Nicronieans are a race of humanoids native to the planet Nicroniea. Sometimes referred to as Letai, Nicronieans are pervasive throughout the Zintoniean Empire, and one of the most influential species in the galaxy. They are the second species to join the Zintoniean Empire and are the genetic twin species of the Zintonieans.

History Edit

Nicronieans developed in hundreds of different city states which evolved overtime into dozens of countries. Because of this Nicroniean culture, language, and history is very diverse, with one large exception. Throughout most of Nicroniean history, philosophers and scholars have been higher valued than other members of society. In fact, the idea of philosophy is so important, most Nicroniean religions center around philiosophy, rather than divinity.

As Nicroniean civilization grew it unified into a coalition of nations which formed a patchwork world government. This government solidified as Nicronieans began their age of space travel, although many distinct cultures remained. While exploring and expanding into space Nicronieans made contact with early Zintoniean space vessels. Not long after a war broke out, with a decisive Nicroniean victory. The Nicronieans and Zintonieans were able to patch relations, leading to an integrated economay, and eventually, Nicronieans being absorbed into the Zintoniean Empire.

Culture Edit

Although they have hundreds of unique cultures and societies, Nicronieans as a species enjoy the exploration of philosophy. Most iconic historical figures are either debaters or philosophers. Ironically, their never ending pursuit of philosophy has led to periods of deep discord between cultures, and unwillingness to compramise. Because of this Nicronieans can sometimes be taken as strong headed or closeminded. Despite being unified under the Zintoniean Empire, cultural rifts between some Nicroniean cultures still exist.

Like their biological twins, Nicronieans embrace a matriarchal, often giving women preference over men. Because women outnumber men, Nicronieans often practice communal family groups, or polygamy. Although in past times women had much more power than men, men have established equal rights in Nicroniean cultures.

Physiology Edit

Nicronieans are of average Human size and build. Like their Zintoniean counterparts Nicronieans have three gills on either side of their neck and have an average lifespan of 45-55 years old. Their skin colors range from light to dark brown, with brown and black hair, and brown and hazel eyes. Females outnumber males three to one, and often give birth to triplets or twins. Females can only give birth during two periods in their adult life, each lasting between one and two years. Nicronieans have orange blood and a complex system of heart-like organs spread out through their bodies. Nicronieans are the genetic twins of Zintonieans.

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