Madelyn was the daughter of poor parents, both factory workers. Not wishing for their daughter to follow in their footsteps, they encouraged Madelyn to pursue an economics degree. At a very young age she ran for public office and was elected to a regional senate. Madelyn ran for the office of Governor and won a sweeping election, quickly rising to the most prominent seat on Aphid. It wasn’t long until she was running for office of the Queen. Again Madelyn won the election with a clear majority of the vote. As Queen she launched a new economic campaign that brought radical new changes to the Zintoniean Empire, eventually leading to an economic boom. Madelyn was in office when the Power Source was discovered, which lead to military action as well as the invasion of Sarnisians. Years later, during the conflict with the Aarie Alliance, Queen Madelyn was assassinated by former Queensman turned Derom’Soray, Arrow.

Queen Madelyn was played by Heather Rowland in “Imperial Odyssey – Shadow’s Genesis” and “Imperial Odyssey – The Dawn of Dissonance”

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