The Queensmen Corps is a specialized branch of the Zintoniean Military. They are the direct servants of the Queen and some of the most highly trained soldiers in the galaxy.


Queen Catamalina created the Queensmen Corps in 8820 B.C. as a means of rewarding her most loyal soldiers. The Queensmen evolved into a royal class, similar to knights or barons. At one time they even had a position in politics, but gave up their power shortly thereafter. Queensmen became an elite bodyguard unit of the Queen and other branches of government. Queensmen then evolved into a branch of the military who’s primary objective was the protection of Zintoniean citizens as they expanded into space. Queen Maros officially made the Queensmen take on both roles, as protectors of the Zintoniean Empire and as personal bodyguards. She re-arranged the ranking system so twelve specific Queensmen would directly serve the will of the Queen.


Queensmen answer to the authorities of the Zintoniean government, especially the Queen of the Zintoniean Empire. To become a Queensmen a military service member must be invited to join the corps. If they pass the first test they are given the rank of Queensmen fourth class. The ranks of third class and second class may be achieved by a Queensmen. Queensmen first class are elected by the Queen herself and answer only to her. They are the highest rank in the military and as such are limited to only 12 individuals.


The name Queensmen is a rank, title, and honorific. Like “sir” or “lord”, once earned, a Queensmen may carry their title for the rest of their life. A Queensmen is specifically selected for their talents and trained to hone their skills. Because they must be able to adapt to any circumstances Queensmen are subjected to some of the most intense training of any military or security unit.

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