Imperial Odyssey: Questions of War is a short film by R.D. Womack II based on a short story written by Jon Chan.

Film poster for Questions of War

Plot[edit | edit source]

The plot revolves around multiple people (three in the short story, and two in the film) having a philosophical debate about the "need for war" while one side argues that war is as natural as one species preying on another, or survival of the fittest; the second side argues that civilization has evolved past the necessity for war and can live peacefully without it. Two examples are used to support either side. The first is the Aarie Civil War, and it is argued that if nature takes the path of least resistance, then why choose war, which is much more difficult to engage in. The counter argument is that war is not a rejection of natural order, but expressing the simple will to live, which is indeed very natural. These arguments are presented against a backdrop of a squad of Sarnisian soldiers on a battlefield. The Sarnisians express desire to return home, or to abandon the battle altogether, but are ultimately forced to fight. It is show that although they reject the concept of war, they also must fight in order to preserve their own lives.  

The second argument is raised around Queen Catamalina's rise to the throne of the Zintoniean Empire. It is argued that she suppresses those who oppose her in order to create a better environment, thusly forcing her will to survive. The counter argument is that her actions cannot be justified by a survival instinct, that in fact she choose a harder path to survival, and rejected her natural instincts to secure a peaceful life. 

Questions of War ends with neither side having a decisive victory over the other, and both sides agreeing to a re-match at a future point. Questions of War was adapted into a short film, with a few variations for creative purposes.  

Characters[edit | edit source]

Queen Catamalina

Pir Quickmind

Herro Guvas

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