Sarnisian Crest (design by Diedre Casey)

The Sarnisian Ministry is the governing body of the Sarnisian people. It is one of the oldest political entities in the galaxy.


The Sarnisian Ministry was formed sometime after the Aarie Alliance dissolved. There is no clear record when it actually began or if it evolved over time. Some records show there might have been a similar government involved with the creation of temples on the Planet of Runes. Because the Sarnisians don’t generally let outsiders into their data, much about the history of the ministry is unknown.


The Sarnisian Ministry is made of 15 separate clans and two major political parties. Each Sarnisian clan elects one representative for each party, called Eloth’Radin and Shin’Radin; Shadowed Dawn and Golden Dawn respectively. When the thirty representatives meet, they elect a superior for each party, called the Chaotic Sight and the Orchestrated Blind. The two leaders battle each other, usually in debate but sometime in actual non-lethal combat, until one is pronounced the majority. The party rules over Sarnisia for an undetermined amount of time before the Sarnisian people demand another election. The ministers act as direct links between their clans and the government and often pass their titles to other honored members of their clan.


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