Tloyd are the fifth species to join the Zintoniean Empire and are indigenous to the planet Tloyd. The Tloyd developed as dozens of nations under the constant threat of war. In fact, warfare became so commonplace on Tloyd there are more periods of history with it than without it. Most of its nations and governments were categorized as military dictatorships or supremacist regimes. After first contact Tloyd insurgents launched several targeted attacks against Crune and Zintoniean targets. In 2095 the Tloyd government launched an attack against the Zintoniean Empire. They were defeated and annexed into the Zintoniean Empire.

Tloyd are calculated, cold, and well prepared. Often times a Tloyd will not engage in a fight if they know they cannot win. Their aggressive nature is often subdued by their careful planning, but sometimes tempers get the best of them.

A Tloyd will respect an enemy who fights and loses more than one who cowers away.