Tloyd are the genetic twin species of Humans, native to the planet Tloyd. They are the fifth species to join the Zintoniean Empire, and the only to be formally conquered by the Zintonieans. Tloyd are one of the least populous species in the galaxy.

History Edit

The Tloyd developed in hundreds of separate cultures and civilizations. From an early age Tloyd tended to be more violent that most other species. War, especially wars for territory or power, were commonplace throughout most of Tloyd history. In fact, several massive global empires rose and fell through a series of world wide wars. During these times most Tloyd governments were military dictatorships, or supremacist  regimes. After first contact with the Zintonieans and Crune, Tloyd insurgents launched several coordinated attacks. Using stolent technology the Tloyd government launched an invasion of Zintoniean space in 2095. They were eventually defeated by the Zintoniean military and annexed into the Zintoniean Empire.

Culture Edit

Because of their warlike culture Tloyd put much emphasis on physical strength and tactical reasoning. Dules and honor killings are accepted by most Tloyd cultures, and despite Zintoniean law forbidding them, are a fairly common occurrence. Tloyd developed hundreds of distinct cultures, traditions, and languages, although many focus on dominance. This is highlighted by the fact most historical figures are military leaders or great warriors. Aside from war, Tloyd are also known for their musical abilities. Some of the most complex and beautiful music stems from Tloyd composers and musicians. As a whole Tloyd have a historical and deep rooted distrust of governments, but Ironically, a highly amplified sense of patriotism.

naming conventions vary greatly through Tloyd cultures. In some cultures, a suffix is often attached to a name, usually because of some event or act as a child. These suffixes are meant to be used as an honorary title, although sometimes they can be demeaning. Other Tloyd cultures, especially those following the religion of Hjaow, tend to include a "W" in female names, believing the "W" sound to be auspicious or lucky.

Physiology Edit

Tloyd are the genetic twins of Humans, and as such, have very few biological differences. They have an average lifespan of 90-110 years. Tloyd are omnivores, they have red blood, and generally give birth to single children after a nine month gestation. There is a fairly even distribution of males and females, though females slightly outnumber males. Tloyd require approximately eight hours of sleep each day. Their skin color varies widley, from pale, to brown, to dark colored skin. Hair color also varies from blonde, red, black, and brown. Tloyd stand as tall as Humans, and have comparable weight.