The Vesuvian Church is the largest religious movement in the Zintoniean Empire. They have some limited control over the government, and are led by a telepath called the Divine Light.


In 79 A.D. Sivs became the first Divine Light, claiming to have received visions from the goddess Vesuvi. Her radical new religion sparked a huge following in the Zintoniean Empire and nearly started a civil war. To prove her divine authority she offered the cure to a disease that nearly destroyed the Zintonieans. Sivs' offering led to acceptance of the new church and gained a huge following. Since then the Vesuvian church has grown to become the largest religious organization in the Zintoniean Empire, and possibly, even the galaxy.


The church is ruled by The Divine Light, a position given to telepaths that somehow “phase” into existence. In the absence of a Divine Light the church is lead by 5 cardinals and a complex system of priests, bishops, and orders. When there is a Divine Light in power she also has influence of the Zintoniean political system and is a constant advisor to some of the key leaders of the Zintoniean Government.


To members of the church, the Divine Light is a stem of the goddess Vesuvi herself. The Divine Light is an oracle. She can see into the future and has been known to telepathically read minds. Sarnisians also recognize the Divine Light’s startling powers and believe she is a messenger from the Prophets. Members of the church have many religious holidays, including feats, solitary prayer, and a holiday that even celebrates animals. The church also takes on missions of mercy and often supports relief work in dangerous parts of space.

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